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Henk RingersmaTravel Photographer, Writer/blogger & Planner for Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan & few other Asian countries.
Since 2001, I visited a number of Asian countries like Mongolia, China, South Korea, Japan, Tibet and Nepal. There I enjoyed centuries of history and culture, local habits and beautiful locations.
My favorite locations to visit include the Unesco World Inheritage sites and the less known and not (yet) touristic spots but gems to visit.

Over time I gathered much experience to plan and book those trips myself. This way these journeys resulted in even greater fun and challenge. On this website www.myAsiaTravelguide.com I share my experiences about my trips through a number of Asian countries to inspire others.

Visited Countries
visited countries

It is better to travel well then to arrive – Budha

The contents of this website is aimed at people like:

  • Do-It-Yourself travelers:
    To share my experiences and inspire them when they are planning their next trip. Help them to find the less known but beautiful places, the tourist information websites, the local events to attend and the booking sites to obtain train/bus/ferries tickets or hotel reservations.
  • Independent Travelers who like to use a travel agency to plan their private journeys:
    To inform and inspire them about interesting locations who might be interesting to include into their itinerary.
  • Travelers who like to participate group traveling:
    To inform them in advance about awesome locations which might be in their itinerary too.

You can find me on my website www.myAsiaTravelguide.com and on social media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. If you have any questions about my posts just put your question in the comments or contact me here.

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