Author Henk Ringersma

Travel Photographer, Writer/blogger & Planner for Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan & other Asian countries. Since 2001 he visited a number of Asian countries like Mongolia, China, South Korea, Japan, Tibet and Nepal. There he enjoyed centuries of history and culture, local habits and beautiful locations. By this website he shares his experiences about these trips for a number of Asian countries to inspire other travelers.


Taipei weather information

Current Taipei weather Taipei city is situated in the north of Taiwan. Taiwan has tropical and subtropical weather. It typically presents an average temperature of…



nakijken @pete_trainor: @My_Asia_Guide Didn’t make it to Starbucks in Taiwan. Do they offer Coffee Jelly Frappuccinos like in Japan? Hong Kong: Taipei SIM…


Japan tourist spots

Many people know Japan as being a fascinating country with cutting edge technology and wonderful architecture where country’s traditions are still being maintained. Like most…


Oboke and Iya Valley

Oboke Oboke (Miyoshi city, Tokushima prefecture) is a village at the banks of the Yoshino river. The area is know by rafters and tourboat operators.…

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