Get your train tickets for China now


Train tickets for China

In this post we explain how to get your train tickets for China from home. As in most Asian countries planning ahead your trip is important. Of course you can walk up to the ticketing desk of any train station and try explain what your destination is and pay your ticket. If you do not speak the language properly you might arrive at some unwanted spot in the middle of nowhere. Also it is quite pitiful to find out at the ticketing desk that eg. the train you really wanted to go with departed few minutes before you arrived there, and now you have to wait half a day because next trains have been fully booked already.

Buy your train tickets for China before you depart

Planning ahead is key activity for do-it-yourself travelers planning to visit the Asian countries.
When you do not speak the Chinese language properly it can be quite cumbersome for tourists to get any train ticket. Though the China Rail company does provide the train schedule information, it will take much effort for tourist to make train reservations ahead. When you request your China Visa at the embassy, you probably will need to hand in your itinerary as well, thus planning ahead is important as well as to make sure you will get the tickets you need for your trip.
train tickets for china
Fortunately, an expat couple Helen and Jeremy living in China will do all the hard work for you.
Their ‘China DIY Travel’ website contains lots of details about the train types and schedule information. For a small fee they help you out and advise you.
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We used their services too and when we arrived by ferry from Incheon (Korea) at QingDao (China) our train tickets for Beijing where neatly waiting at the Qingdao railroad station. Even this post has not been sponsored the services of Helen & Jeremy are heartily recommended.


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