@pete_trainor: @My_Asia_Guide Didn’t make it to Starbucks in Taiwan. Do they offer Coffee Jelly Frappuccinos like in Japan?


Hong Kong:

SIM kaart taipei en hier de details
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smartphone keuze:tbv op reis:

  1. Gebruik een unlocked smartphone die geschikt is voor 4G (= LTE) netwerk (minder is 3G netwerk en het beter is 4G+ (=LTE-A) netwerk)
  2. controleer (of laat nagaan) of dit een quad band toestel is zodat die in de meeste landen ter wereld te gebruiken is.
    In NL zijn ingebruik tbv 4G/LTE : 800, 1800 en 2600 band
    in Azie wordt veelal gebruikt: 700, 900, 1800 en 2600
  3. De smartphone moet tethering aan kunnen (voor vertrek even oefenen) zodat je onderweg je eigen wifi hotspot bij je hebt om zo je andere apparaten van wifi te voorzien.
  4. Installeer voor vertrek de volgende apps:
  • een voip app op die smartphone met een telnr van de provider en geef dat door aan de thuisblijvers.
  • UBER app om in het buitenland snel een taxi te kunnen vinden
  • Airbnb app
  • “turboscan” of  “Office Lens” (=gratis) om documenten of uithangborden zonder perspectief te kunnen fotograferen.
  • CAMCARD om visitekaartjes te fotograferen en via OCR in je adresboek op te slaan

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New starbucks since April 2016: 25.033479, 121.498422
Salt & Pepper cafe: 25.057463, 121.509752
Modern Toilet restaurant - Xining S Rd: 25.044446, 121.505758
Modern toilet Restaurant - Shilin Dist: 25.089942, 121.527170
Rilakkuma Cafe: 25.040659, 121.554179
See-Join Puppet Theater Restaurant: 25.052538, 121.529222
Hello Kitty Kitchen And Dining, No. 90, Section 1, Da\'an Road, Da’an District, Taipei: 25.040758, 121.545978
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Hello Kitty Kitchen And Dining, No. 90, Section 1, Da'an Road, Da’an District, Taipei
Cue the heart-eyed emoji; everything at this restaurant will cause cuteness-induced swooning. Hello Kitty makes an appearance on everything—from dishes to shaped cakes to her face perfectly toasted onto a piece of bread. And Hello Kitty herself is there too, walking around and interacting with customers.

The restaurant’s interior design echoes the food’s cuteness. All the booths are pink (matching the walls, chairs and light fixtures) and shaped like the bow atop Hello Kitty’s head.

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The tourist office folks advised us that if we wanted to eat at Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining, we should definitely make a reservation.

Getting to the restaurant was easy.
We took the subway to Zhongxiao Fuxing station and then walked through a long underground shopping passage looking for exit number 13.
If a person with my sense of direction, or rather, lack thereof, could find the restaurant, it should be pretty easy and straightforward for normal folks, too.
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Salt & Pepper cafe
While Salt Peanuts Cafe (鹹花生) is famous for its cinnamon rolls, it is also said to serve up a mean brunch — and its Dihua St (迪化街) location made it an ideal place to get the day started before hitting the riverside bike paths from nearby Dadaocheng Wharf (大稻呈).

Salt Peanuts Cafe (鹹花生)
Address: 197 Dihua St Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市迪化街一段197號)
Tel: (02) 25578679
Average meal: NT$300-NT$400
Hours: 10am to 6pm daily, brunch available until 5pm
Details: Credit cards accepted, English menu available
On the net:
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Rilakkuma Cafe
One of the newest theme restaurants in Taipei, this one caters to an adorable stuffed bear named Rilakkuma. His little face dons framed photos on the walls, tiny cakes, rice molds, pudding, bread bowls and more.

One thing to note before going: Yelpers say there’s a cover charge that equals the purchase of one drink—so no matter what you buy, if you haven’t ordered a drink, you’ve not met the minimum.

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open 11:30-22:00
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New starbucks since April 2016
1 (2)
The Bangka district is one of the oldest in Taipei and the site of a Starbucks location that opened April 2016. The store is on the main floor of a traditional-style home built for a local wealthy family - the Lin family clan - in 1932. The Lin residence has a design that combines architectural influences from the east and west. It was recently preserved and is a local landmark that reveals the history of Bangka.
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Modern Toilet restaurant - Xining S Rd

This restaurant chain launched in 2004, inspired by one of the owners’ experience sitting on the toilet and reading a manga, Dr. Slump. Ice cream came first—a big pile of chocolate served in a squat toilet bowl—but the concept has grown to include more than a dozen full-service restaurants.

Every seat in Modern Toilet is a non-working toilet. All the food—dishes like “poop meatballs” and “stuffed brown sugar poop pancake”—comes in toilet- or urinal-shaped dinnerware, drinks are served in toilet-shaped cups, and glass tables are placed atop washtubs.

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Open 11:30-22:00
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Modern toilet Restaurant - Shilin Dist
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See-Join Puppet Theater Restaurant
Hand puppets are a traditional type of entertainment in Taiwan, and See-Join celebrates that in every aspect. Puppets displayed on shelves surround the dining area, artwork featuring the puppets can be found at many tables, and interactive shows are ongoing at the puppetry theater in the restaurant. You can even test out the puppets yourself, but be careful—some of them are fire-breathers.

During dinner, either enjoy the show and the scenery, or take lessons how to properly use the puppets. Portions are big, so you’ll have plenty of time to play.

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How to get there
  • 【MRT】
    In the "Taipei Railway Station" take "Bannan Line" to Zhong Xiao Xinsheng Station and transfer to Luzhou" line to "Songjiang Nanjing Station" and exit at gate 8 then walk to 5 minute to get to “See-Joint”.
    ‧Walking Direction‧
    Turn right when exiting the gate, then turn right at the corner of Citibank.
    Walk along "Nanjing E. Road", pass through " Yijiang St” and “Jilin Road", then turn right into Lane 41.
    Walk for 70 meters and “See-Joint” is newly located in your left-hand side.

must visit: elephant mountain


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