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Japan tourist spots

Many people know Japan as being a fascinating country with cutting edge technology and wonderful architecture where country’s traditions are still being maintained. Like most…


Oboke and Iya Valley

Oboke Oboke (Miyoshi city, Tokushima prefecture) is a village at the banks of the Yoshino river. The area is know by rafters and tourboat operators.…

Hong Kong

Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s culture is a melting pot of customs and traditions, influenced by thousands of years of immigration. Wherever you look in the city, there…


What to do in Taipei

During Taiwan’s long history, prehistoric people, indigenous tribes, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, and Han Chinese have successively populated Taiwan, creating a varied culture and developing different…


Welcome in Samye

Samye, Tibet Welcome in Samye, where time stood still Samye is the name of Tibet’s oldest monastery. The village of Samye and the monastery exists…


Peeing Boy Statue

Manneke Pis In Europe the statue of the Peeing Boy at the market place in the city center of Brussels, Belgium is a famous statue.…

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